I met Dawn 5 years ago in Venice Beach and she gave point blank the best and most meaningful reading of my life. I am not exaggerating when I said Dawn’s reading for me was life changing. Her reading fully transformed my views about myself and the most important relationship in my life – the one with my partner. I saw many gifted psychics after Dawn but always remembered her because she wasn't merely talented, she was profound and independently intelligent, and her readings and consultation/coaching had been immensely valuable for me. I admire her as a woman and a professional and I commend her for having cultivated her art and science in such a pure way. I searched for her from London where I live now and recently had a reading over the phone. It was super easy to just set up a time and over the phone, Dawn was as good as always -- absolutely no different than a face-to-face. Needless to say I fully endorse this beautiful person.
Suzie Finn, Nutritionist, London, UK

I found Dawn on the internet and was impressed by her testimonials and professional website. I had never had any experience in this sort of transaction, so I admit I was a little wary of making a reservation. Dawn is a “normal” person who possesses an extraordinary gift. She provided me with very specific details which confirmed that she was, indeed, communicating with my Dad, who had recently passed on. Each session with Dawn has brought me tremendous joy and reassurance that my father continues to be a part of my life. She has provided me the direction that I needed to learn more about spirit and afterlife and opening up to communication myself. Most importantly, she validated my experiences which I had always suspected were spirit visits, but had never known how to confirm. The messages from my father are absolute treasures. And I know Dawn is always there if I feel the need to make a connection with my Dad. And you simply cannot put a price tag on that.
Melanie de Monet, Educator, San Francisco Bay Area

Dawn is amazing! I feel so uplifted after every reading I have with her. The guidance she provides is insightful, helpful and brings so much clarity to my life. From relationship questions and dilemmas to work challenges, Dawn's readings help keep me on a path to a fulfilled and happy life. Dawn's readings help me see the good from the bad and give me the confidence to remove negativity from my life.
Janette Ewen, Designer, TV Host, Toronto & Los Angeles

That was the most amazing reading I ever had! You were so precise and right to the point. You referred to people and places that were dead-on. I was awestrucked, not only by the insights you gave about my current situation, but also about my past, my childhood issues and even my past lifes. It was extremely useful information and it gave me clarity and something to work on in a practical manner in my life. And I was truly touched by your caring and empathy that I felt tangibly througout the whole session.
Arne G., CEO, Denmark, Skype reading

I had high expectations for Dawn's reading during a "decision point" period in my life, and she knocked the ball out of the park. Within five minutes, she nailed my personality and a description of a future I have been working to create in the cleantech industry. What blew me away was when she told me that she sees me having kids...not babies, but two kids, close in age, boys, approximately 4/5 years old. It has been a long-held wish for me to adopt kids in exactly this age range, so I am excited to see what the future will bring. At some point during the conversation you'll ask Dawn, "How do you know that!" Her kind, sparkling answer will be "Because I'm a psychic!" She did a reading on what the future holds regarding the wealth I am working, working, working to create - she provided positive feedback on this goal that felt very real to me, but highlighting tripping points, which were even more valuable than the comfort she provided. I manage my mental outlook and physical care much more actively now - for the first time in years my husband and I took a drive out to the beach on a Sunday with our dog to get more time outside...time I would normally have spent napping or on chores around the house. I strongly recommend Dawn's work, and will be connecting with her in the future.
Nicole E., Account Manager, San Jose, CA

Colette Baron-Reid, Psychic, Author, Public Speaker & Broadcast Personality, Portsmouth, New Hampshire

I have to admit, I was a little bit skeptical when the session began. But I immediately trusted Dawn's voice and she put all my worries at ease. It was incredible how spot on she was with my energy levels, my intentions, and my current path in life. She relayed messages to me that are very comforting, reassuring, and inspiring. I am a firm believer in the powers that she has and I know that healings and readings like this can be very beneficial for anyone and everyone. During our session, she asked me about a woman named Donna. At the time, I had no idea how it related to my life, childhood, future... I only know two Donna's, and haven't seen either of them in years. I brushed it off, and our session moved on. About an hour later, I was walking my dog and somebody honked and yelled my name. I turned around and it was Donna, an old friend's ex. I waved, said hello, and kept walking. It was at that moment I had complete faith in Dawn's work.
Doug M., Director of Photography, Santa Monica, CA

Dawn really helped me realize some very important things as I was going through a difficult time in my life. She is very kind and considerate, and very gifted in saying the right thing in a very caring way. I had seen Dawn a couple of time and her guidance helped me make some very significant decisions in my life. She gave me the good advice I needed to put me on the right track.
Jaclyn I., Healthcare Professional, Santa Monica, CA

I recently heard about Dawn Alexandra Morgan through a very well respected psychic/intuitive named Colette Baron Reid. Colette had recommended Dawn on her Facebook page. I had a reading with Dawn shortly after that. With only a hello and a grounding meditation to start, Dawn was able to provide me with very detailed insight. While my reading with Dawn was very factual, it was also emotional based. She was able to pinpoint, with clarity, areas within my life that needed special attention. Some of these areas I was aware of, other's she brought to light with clear guidance and direction on how to move forward. I can say, with certainty, she shared things with me a stranger would not know. There were times during the reading I was dumbfounded with the information she was giving! Details only someone very close to me would be privy to. Even some things only I knew. What I appreciated most about Dawn is that she is both warm and direct. It felt like I was speaking with someone I had known a long time. She made it very comfortable. My husband, who is a pure skeptic, was very impressed with the information that Dawn provided to me. I have already applied some of the recommendations Dawn gave me and have seen very positive results in my life! After the reading, I checked Dawn's website and learned that she was giving a class on Psychic Development in my area. I signed up right away. The class was amazing. Dawn was as warm and insightful in person as she was on the phone. The class was very intimate and I learned a lot about myself and others. I left the class with a new confidence in my own abilities. To anyone reading this review, I highly recommend Dawn.
Rene F., Mountain View, California

My readings with Dawn are extremely helpful, comforting, and reassuring. After the first reading, I felt a sense of peace that I have never felt before. The first vision that came to her described me and my life challenges with amazing accuracy. Dawn’s insight into my family’s dynamics has provided me with an understanding that has helped me through difficult times and helped me to start the healing process. Dawn’s insight is invaluable and I highly recommend her. Dawn has an extraordinary ability to make people feel supported and loved. I continue to seek her guidance.
C. W., Graduate Student, Boston, Massachusetts

I must say Saturday was so very up lifting in terms of my spiritual well being. Such a beautiful day and your energy is also very healing and motivating. You come from such a true genuine place in your being connected to source and wanting to help people. You feel like an old friend. I am so very much looking forward to working with these affirmations and bringing that special person into my life. Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world. It was really nice to connect with my Mom and Dad and feel the love of my parents coming through when I really needed it.
Chris C., Financial Industry, Los Angeles

Thank you, Dawn! Your psychic gifts blew me away. I highly recommend Dawn if you are in need of a psychic. Of the many that have advised me over the years, Dawn is by far the best of them all. The first thing that I noticed about her was her personality.  She radiates a very warm, friendly energy.  I felt very comfortable talking to her about my life just as I would with my closest friends.  Plus she's intelligent.  Her attitude is professional, both serious and sensitive  . . . continues at www.yelp.com/biz/dawn-of-insight-santa-monica.
Mark G., Santa Monica, California

I have been a skeptic of psychic mediums for quite some time. However, I visited Dawn and was immediately converted. I have since returned to her several times. Not only does she see things with great clarity and precision, she counsels with great compassion and love. I've been fortunate enough to have gotten reading recommendations that have changed my perspective dramatically. I hope to have Dawn in my life for a very long time!
R. S., San Francisco, California

I am still reeling from the session I had with you one month ago! It was truly profound!! You called upon my late father with such accuracy that I have since felt a great sense of comfort and happiness ever since knowing he is with me. Your insights about both my life and my loved ones on the other side were remarkable. A very warm and compassionate experience all round. Thank you.
YBP, Melbourne, Australia

Dawn has the remarkable ability of being completely serene and connected to Source while delivering a tremendous amount of quality, insightful information. While other psychics might pleasure-coat their readings with upbeat, motivational language, Dawn cuts to the chase and strikes the perfect balance. This allows me to not only receive precise channeled information, but it's delivered in a way that I can easily ingest. A psychic reading from Dawn delivers crystallized angelic clarity that shakes the grey matter from my thoughts - all the while invoking more light and flow. In a recent reading, Dawn delivered insight to me that gave our business a tremendous lift in the pursuit of financing. It immediately resulted in an additional $500K of committed venture capital. Dawn is a serious, yet sincere, kind-hearted psychic. I recommend her without hesitation. She's terrific.
Paul W., CEO, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Dawn floated into my life just when I needed her most. Feeling down and not knowing where to go next with my professional and personal life, she guided me to find my path. Not only was she able to give me valuable insight on strategic business dealings to land the job, but she helped me find the missing “I am” in my life. Thanks to Dawn, I truly am happy and know when am lost, I have a place to go for help sorting through life’s curve balls. Life is much sweeter having a new Dawn on your horizon.
TMG, Entrepreneur, Los Angeles

Dawn is an amazingly gifted clairvoyant, she is the real deal! Meeting Dawn completely changed my life. Not just that her reading was completely accurate, but the literature she recommended gave me the missing piece of my spiritual path. She is not just a clairvoyant; she is the best therapist I've ever talked to. I referred her to many of my friends in NYC and LA. They were all amazed by her gift, accuracy and insight. She is such a genuine, compassionate person you will want to keep in touch with her after your reading.
Medea J., Entrepreneur, New York

I found Dawn's website through www.yelp.com/biz/dawn-of-insight-santa-monica. When I came across her biography, I really resonated with her philosophy on life because like Dawn, I left a lucrative career in the corporate world in order to follow my dreams and do what I really wanted to do. My first session with Dawn felt like two girlfriends having a talk over coffee. I felt warm, supported, and cared for. I could actually see the golden light surround me during our session. What impressed me even more was how accurate her readings were - to very specific and exacting detail. I am now a loyal devotee and get annual readings from Dawn. I would highly recommend her and have already recommended her to several of my friends.
R. L., Graduate Student, Palo Alto, California

Meeting Dawn has been an amazing experience! When I leave a session with her, I feel inspired and fearless. She has offered me insight about the future and solutions for how to approach situations more positively. Her accuracy is astonishing. Most of all, Dawn is an interesting and lovely person to be around. She has a great sense of humor, which I really appreciate. I think she has an extraordinary psychic gift and knows how to convey information in a specific, relatable way. I look forward to seeing her again and again.
Kristie T., Set Decorator, Santa Monica, California

I have been on a journey over the last nine years trying to find out why certain metaphysical events have occurred, including being saved by a voice giving directions to me in my car prior to a major accident. I have seen many psychic talented people trying to find my answers. I have to say that my sessions with Dawn have been simply outstanding. Her manner is very comforting. She is so gifted with intuitive talent. She is able to reflect and "see" on most any subject you might bring to her. Her guidance is very directed - meaning that you are not getting just general advice. Without question, I would recommend a session with Dawn.
Tom L., Author, Roseville, California

A natural warmth and kindness emanates from Dawn. She helped me to gain a greater understanding of an emotional situation in a gentle, but honest way. I felt she really understood me and my current thoughts almost immediately. My reading over the phone was very easy to arrange even with a bit of time difference.
Sally S., London, UK

I would highly recommend Dawn to anyone wishing to gain insight and move forward in a positive direction. I have worked with a number of psychics, and Dawn has been by far the most helpful. Her information was strikingly accurate, while warmth and a sincere wish to help radiates from her. She is down-to-earth and no-nonsense; focusing on what would be most helpful to me at the moment. After working with her, I was able to finally release energetic blocks in my system that had been plaguing me for years -- and my life has literally changed. I can't actually capture in words how helpful this has been, or how much it has meant to me. Additionally, it was wonderful to be able to make contact with my relatives on the Other Side, enlisting their support and insight. I know them to be really with me now, which is a great help and comfort. I don't ever need to feel alone, I have learned, because truly, I never am.
Heather Y., San Francisco, CA

I felt that Dawn really connected with my dog that passed away several months ago. She really helped me to understand his thoughts and concerns, and that was a catalyst to my healing process. It's great to know our animals have a sense of humor on the Other Side! Dawn did an amazing job of channeling my angel boy.
Kelly B., Creative Director,  Sanibel, Florida

I was initially skeptical about the readings but was caught by surprise with Dawn’s impressive insights. Her talents are extraordinary and approach is comfortable. Dawn’s caring nature and energy really put me at ease and I was able to open up to explore both business and personal topics.  I was able to step away and see with clarity because of her abilities.  She is a consummate professional with warmth, sincerity and what now has proven to been great advice! Thank you for your help and I look forward to working with you again in the very near future.
Andrew K., Entrepreneur,  Santa Monica, California

I was very amazed (and delighted) at the accuracy you had regarding my mother's health issues without knowing anything about her. I was also comforted by your understanding and wisdom as to how she heals. Knowing that distance healing is a powerful tool, I am very grateful for the healing energy you are sending her and that it will continue for however long she needs it. Thank you for your love and compassion!
Rita C., New York

It was a pleasure to count on Dawn for advice and heartfelt sharing in a moment of uncertainty.
Michael E., Producer & Filmmaker, Los Angeles

When I made an appointment with Dawn, I was curious to see how we would connect, and what kind of techniques she uses. From the moment I met her, I knew that she was "tapped in" on a very deep and expansive level. Sitting with her, I felt that she was so finely tuned, that she doesn't have to access her healing abilities - she is healing. She has an approach which is instantly comforting - a great sense of humor and levity, but very focused and direct. She won't let the things slide that need to be heard, and I had the feeling that she knew it was her business to make sure I heard it. She works from the center outward, and I walked away from our one-hour session with a lot to work on, but knowing that she showed me the clearing in the forest. Now it's up to me to walk through it!
Simone L., Los Angeles

I am an experienced event producer in Northern California and I recently booked Dawn Alexandra Morgan to give psychic and Tarot card readings at a large corporate event for 3 hours. Dawn did an "incredible" job at the event. In fact, since so many people wanted to get a reading from Dawn and the line to see her was so long, the company asked her to stay an extra hour. Even at that she still had to turn some people away. I found her to be a true professional and easy to work with. I would highly recommend Dawn for parties and events and look forward to working with her again!
Chuck C., Event Producer, Santa Clara, California

I met Dawn while at an Amanda Foundation fundraising event. She was giving readings to the attendees, all of whom were so pleased and excited about what she had to say. I promptly grabbed a card and at a later date, had Dawn read my cards. I loved her sincerity and truthfulness - she is so tapped in! Her intuitive abilities are clear and everything she does, she does with love. I thank her for pointing out some things to me that I needed to hear, but was having trouble hearing myself.
Alice H., Los Angeles

I came to Dawn with two problems that I needed some light shed on. Within a few minutes, she had accurately assessed both situations, past and present, and was able to help me see more clearly the dynamics of what was going on. The things she told me I could feel somewhere deep in my gut but had been unable by myself to see or understand - she was able to make them clear. Dawn went on to help me with guidance and possibilities for the future and how to approach both problems. She really helped me to feel more in control of these situations and that was exactly what I needed.
Ron C., IT Executive, Fairfield County, Connecticut

I reached out to Dawn during a very stressful time in my life. I was facing so many uncertainties. I needed someone to provide me with insight and direction. Dawn was AMAZING. She provided me with feedback that helped me regain my footing and move forward. Dawn’s knowledge of my current circumstances and relationships was incredible. Speaking with Dawn was a wonderful experience. 
Christina H., Human Resources Executive, Atlanta, Georgia

I am very happy to have met Dawn. She has a welcoming, bright and compassionate personality about her that is very soothing and as a reader I found her remarkable. She was very precise surrounding the matters I brought before her without requiring much informing from me and she paid careful attention to really look at what was germane to my questions that day. In addition, I felt that the guidance she suggested was speaking to things I was already seeking before even arriving to meet her and she helped me understand how to accomplish these things one step at a time. I walked away feeling very optimistic about what I can create for myself in the world, and more aware of how I can obstruct the positive things I desire from coming into my life. I would see her again and would recommend her to anyone who is interested in reflecting on their life's purpose and how that resonates in the universe.
Veronica R., Consultant & Writer, Santa Monica, California

I called on Dawn for her energetic distance healing and psychic abilities when I was diagnosed with pneumonia. Even though I am in Texas and Dawn is in California, I could actually feel her clearing up my lungs and boosting my immune system. While she was working on me, Dawn, who is clairvoyant and clairaudient, heard that I needed to take basil right away. I later found out that basil essential oils are used to treat respiratory issues, including pneumonia. Dawn is truly a natural healer and extremely intuitive. She made me feel much better during what my doctor said was a life-threatening situation.
Kris B., Austin, Texas

My journey of healing emotional and spiritual issues has taken me down many paths. The path to Dawn was worth the trip. Her reading was insightful and intuitive. Dawn's caring and sensitive. She reinforced some things I'm working on and opened the door to an area I was unaware needed attention. It'll definitely help my process!
Leo L., CEO, New Hampshire

I was inspired by my reading from Dawn. Even though I didn’t have an agenda, I was given insight on various directions that may benefit me on many levels - from keys to releasing body weight to specific travel destinations to facilitate the expansion and visibility of my art worldwide. I ended the call with a feeling of excitement and the anticipation of good things to come. I may not do everything presented to me from my Higher Self through Dawn, but surely I will take action on many of them. I’m confident I’ll see results in my life accordingly. I’m pleased and grateful for the experience.
Raphaella V., Artist/Entrepreneur, Florida

I, myself am very intuitive, but so appreciate a psychic's ability to see clearly the issues I can be too emotionally attached to. Dawn has been a life saver for me on several occasions. She has seen health issues for what they really were when the physicians had misdiagnosed them! She has hit the nail on the head each time and does so with a sensitivity and compassion that can't be beat. Plus, she has a wonderful sense of humor that is actually healing! You can never go wrong with Dawn's brilliant insights, no mater what the subject matter is. I highly recommend her to everyone who is wrestling with the unknown, uncertainty or requires a confirmation for their peace of mind and life path.
Margarete M., New York

Dawn provided me with specific detailed information. She was able to assist me with the tools that I needed which enabled me to move forward through my current circumstances. I highly suggest a reading with her for any reason or situation that needs to be evaluated. Dawn is truly a gifted spirit.
Kevin G., Consultant, Santa Barbara, California

Dawn's reading gave me a new sense of hope for my future. I felt things were looking bleak, mostly from past events that have tainted my happiness. Her reading gave me wonderful insight on some future events in my life, which will be uplifting and changing for the better. I highly recommend seeking her wisdom to bring you a sense of peace in your life.
Marissa W., Actress, Los Angeles

Thank you for the beautiful message from my grandmother, and for affirming that love and laughter never dies! You are a real treasure and I so appreciated the message from someone I love dearly!
Kathy H., Sedona, Arizona

I had the good fortune of serendipitously meeting Dawn. She gave me such a thorough and comprehensive reading with great insight, sensitivity and lightness. I see Dawn as a key person in my life in finding a purpose that makes my heart sing.
Maria K., Real estate/property investor & student of the healing arts, Los Angeles

Dawn's reading was wonderful. I left feeling deeply supported, infinitely more clear, and also willing to take the next important steps in my life. She spoke the deepest truth for my benefit. And simultaneously held me in a space of great love and care. It was a remarkable reading.
Heidi Rose R., Astrologer, Los Angeles

Thank you for your thoughtful and insightful reading. As it turns out, you were spot on about the special needs of my loved ones which needed nurturing and I am happy to say that because of your careful guidance, we are much happier together now.
Veronica A., Producer, Los Angeles

Meeting with Dawn led me to hone in on my most important questions at this particular time in my life. Her Tarot reading both affirmed and named hidden parts of myself and my journey, guiding me to deeper clarifying discernment in the days that followed. Tarot is a tool that helps me understand and appreciate where I have come from, while casting light on the potential joys and challenges ahead.
Peg R., Fund Raising Coach, Los Angeles


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